Order Quantity Not Resetting

Hi, I am working on a food ordering app and I am currently facing a problem where by the order quantity counter will not reset upon subsequent logins.

Screen shot with text for better visual representation:


First login to place order, items at cart displayed correctly.


Second (and subsequent) logins, the counter does not reset to zero. Note that the order quantity for cart is displaying the quantity correctly, whereas the order quantity for the order item is 3 (2 is from previous order).

I am modifying the app using the food truck app as a template. I noticed that the food truck app does not have such problem.

Thanks in advance for any guidenace.


Hi, not an expert, but I would check right away in the Database what “really” gets recorded, the same happens to me, sometime a button execution will display a calculated total “fine” on screen, but not really recorded on the database side, especially when you use several Actions followings…
Could login*unlogin wrong values be also related to browser cache problem ?
my 2 cents


Thanks for the advise. Did exactly that and found that the problem lies with the button having multiple actions (2 updates). Which I think is the main reason that the counter is not working as it should.

And its all good now.

Much appreciated!!