User-Friendly Interface - Quantity Input

Hi there,

I am in the midst of building a food order app based on the food truck template.

And I have been trying to change the user interface for order quantity input to something similar to the following screen shot.

2020-06-09 22_58_50- READY STOCK  ASOTV Shoe Storage Box - Large Size (33x23x14) 0079 _ Shopee Mal

As of now I have been trying to modify the default order settings (cart icon to create order item per click and a text to display the count of order item) but unable to get the result desired.

A few pointers towards where should I look for an answer would be very very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @yifeixkou, this might help you out: Product Quantity Counter - it’s relatively complicated, but it is possible!

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Hi @dosandco. Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks alot for the guidance, it is really helpful!!