OTP based Login


I would like to create an OTP based login system, can anyone help me as to how to go about it?

I have incorporated a custom OTP solution for our Jobs app. Let me know what specific details you require. I will be happy to share my experience.

I would love to know that if there is any way to verify a mobile number sending OTP to the specific number. Please let me know if there is anyway.


Thank you for your help. I want to enable OTP based Sign up and Login for my users. I have been able to enable the same for the signup part by using “Rand” function to generate a custom OTP and by copying the same in the password section.

But, I haven’t been able to create an OTP based system for login in the user.


Hi Fredy, you can create a property in your user collection with the name “OTP”. When the user hits the signup button, add action create a user, in the OTP property go to custom formula “Rand” and also add an update action which copies the value generated by rand function in the password section.
also link the screen to move to another screen

In the next screen setup a system for the user to enter the OTP, and add a button, add login as the action that is performed when the button is tapped.

This was you can setup a custom OTP system for signing up users.

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