Overwrite existing app

Hi, I’ve already a published app by myself on playstore and App Store, when I will complete the project with Adalo can I publish new Adalo app on top of the old one? I means that I would like to replace the old with the new, in order to overwrite the old.

Hello, yes you can publish your Adalo app on the same App ID of the Play store and App store but they should have the same credentials.

Thank you!

Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain very well, my English is not good…I’am asking if I can overwrite the existing app and of course I need to use same ID, but im asking confirmation about the overwriting of the existing app

Well, I’ll assume that by “Overwrite”, you mean continue editing and designing the existing app. If you mean that, you need to recreate the app and redesign it and then you can publish it using the same credentials and IDs.

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