Writing Over Current App

How do I write over my current in App Store and Play Store? Is this possible?

I have thousands of downloads and do not want to lose it. Please help.


I am also curious about this. I have an old app made with Shoutem I want to overwrite.

I want to know the answer to this as well. (+1)

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@Colin @Victor any idea on this?

Sorry, never done such replacement by myself before - started from Adalo builds :slight_smile:

It should be absolutely possible though. For Apple, I guess that you need to connect Adalo to Apple Store. Then when you build a new version of the app, it should appear in Testflight automatically.
And publishing the app is based on the versions from Testflight, so downloads shouldn’t be lost (but users in the app will be different ones!).

This is all theory though, so I’d recommend to search for someone with hands-on experience.

I think I figured it out! You need to make sure that the bundle id is the same in your iOS settings box that it is in your current app. You must also make sure that the build version is a higher number than your current published app store. My new adalo app now shows that I can replace it, I have not done it yet. But this seems like it will work.


@ncmarc can you please update us when you pull the trigger please?

Also, please share what the impact would be for existing users, I believe they’ll have to change their passwords on the Adalo build for it to work.


My current app has no user logins, so I won’t be able to report on that. I am curious if Adalo uses MD5 hash for password storage.

Hi @bhanu,

When you change the app, unless the users’ database is migrated to Adalo somehow, all users inside the app have to be recreated.

Best regards, Victor.


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