Overwrite existing iOS / android app

Just a quick question. I have an existing app published on iOS and Android. It was built and published on a different platform, (I know, shock horror)

My question is, can I just overwrite the build files with those created in adalo or will I have to delete the current version of the app and start from scratch? :thinking:

Disclaimer: This is not my area of expertise.

But from what I’ve seen, you should be able to just upload the new build files. That seems to be all that matters when it comes to deploying a new version of your app.

Hey, yep this is possible (iOS is very straightforward-just need Bundle ID and fill in the set up as per normal in Adalo, you then once set up you can deploy directly from Adalo to TestFlight).

For Android, not so simple and you cannot do this yourself. You will need to submit a ticket. You will need a few things for Android to be included in the support ticket;

  • Keystore Alias
  • Keystore password
  • Current Android Version Code etc

Note that the version code on the backend only Adalo has access to this and this number must be greater than the version code of your current released App on google play console (that’s live on the Playstore) and let support know the new version Adalo URL and they can map the data across for the App on Adalo you are replacing your live app with.

If your keystore details or version codes are incorrect you will receive an error that says your app is not correctly signed when uploading the .apk to google play console. Finally you will also need to know if you are deploying a .aab file or .apk file to google play console. Adalo support can set your app for either or.

If you search the term keystore you will see other posts on the same in the Adalo forums. I have brought about 5 or 6 apps to Adalo but you need the above info from your current platform/provider. I personally came from Expo.

@Adalo_CXTeam might confirm, but the last time I completed this process was a couple of months back.

@iAppsNi thank you for the detailed response. Nothing is ever simple is it? :slight_smile:

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