Password reset problem


I am trying to log in to my account. I have forgotten the password so went to ‘forgot password’. I enter my email and get the message saying a mail will be sent. I have tried three times now but don’t seem to be getting the email reset. If I try and make a new account it says the email already exists.
Any ideas please?

Can you DM me your details please. (Email address)

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply. Sorry but I can’t find out how to DM you?

Sorry to hassle you but can you tell me how I can DM you please? I really need to get into my account and carry on building the app. I have tried again and am still not getting a password reset.



Click on his face and then click on “message”

I am having this problem as well in our web app. Would love to see this get fixed!

Please DM me your details.