Users not receiving password reset link (not spam, junk, etc.)

Hi Adalo fam!

A few users are not receiving password reset links. New web browsers, incognito mode, re-creating their account (on the admin side), and sifting through spam/junk mail has not fixed it.

I saw in older forums that others experienced this.

Is there a tried and true method to fix this bug when it arises?

Thanks all.


Hi @Stephen :wave: :wave:

So for this field the user is putting his signed email know?


For me it’s coming @Stephen .

Thank you :innocent:

Hey Dilon — thanks for getting back.

Yes, it works for me as well! It’s not a common occurrence; we’ve had a few disparate users run into this bug.

They are inputting their email tied with their user account (this is always my first ask).

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