Patrick ford is the best adalo expert

If you are new to Adalo or even an expert and you need some guidance of some sorts, @pford is your man friday. He’s the best tutor in the entire scope of visual programming and he does this effortlessly. His tutorials are topnotch and his tips/tricks will save you a lot of time on Adalo. His tutorials on the App Academy are the best tutorials on the internet. It’s a privilege having him here. He is to Adalo what Robert Petito is to Glide apps. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Haha, @pford are you blushing.

I’ll share this with the general Adalo team, thanks @endieumunna

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For anyone curious on the ‘Patrick Ford Experience’ check out his Instagram course here:

@endieumunna I’m jealous! You didn’t like me ‘Make an Uber Clone Course’ :frowning: ? I know it doesn’t have Patricks flash or radio produce voice, but check it out I think the content is good :smiley:

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:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face: Sure I’ll check it out now and send a feedback. You are all doing great by the way :fire::fire::fire: