Adalo Education

I just saw this education for a competing no-code platform.
Here is just one lesson for an example:

I thought it was REALLY well done! And in one place;)

Is there an educational resource of this caliber for learning Adalo in one place?
Please share a link. If not, I highly recommend someone emulate this format.
Thank you!

@Toddy so @pford is the new education creator for Adalo. And he has been working some more resources and tutorials! You can reach out to him and see!

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Hey Toddy. We are releasing the Adalo App Academy in a few months. It will be your go to resource for video content ranging from app building within Adalo to marketing and everything in between.


Pford is extremely well spoken, smart, knowledgable, good guy.

I watched some of his youtube videos & was just lost by some of the screen clutter & tangents.
No offense to him. I am picky when it comes to teachers. And I am sure, if given another chance, he would nail it. Feel free to reach out @pford with any new content, or content in other locations that I may have missed. Thank you, kindly.

Great idea. Thanks! BTW… I love that thunkable teaching format linked above.
I have taught before. I understand the methodology. That is the way to go.

Hi Toddy! I think you’ll be very happy with what we’ve been working on once it’s released! It looks strikingly similar to the link you shared with more focused content and less tangents I promise! :sweat_smile:


Sweet. look forward to it. thanks for the follow up!

no more spitball?? or spitball V.2?!? lol. come on! love the name.
Thanks again!! @pford