How did you learn adalo?


Recently I started to learn Adalo. However, I’m struggling because there are no lots of tutorials.

I need like dummies for Adalo tutorials. Do you know any good tutorials. I bought a Udemy tutorial about cloning Instagram with Adalo.

I prefer tutorials that finish a project from beginning to end. These types of resources help me understand what I can do.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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We are working hard on producing more tutorials in the coming few months.

We have also recently introduced a way for you to directly request a tutorial from us here:


Hi @3dwaffle I’ve been playing with Adalo since February 2020. Almost finished with an app that I hope becomes a large company.

I learned Adalo by:

  1. Reading all posts in (yes, every single post). I bookmark helpful videos, tutorials, and intractable issues which haven’t been solved or are further down the Adalo product/feature roadmap. I often come back to bookmarked pages to watch videos again, and again.

  2. I used to read every single message in the Adalo Slack. Since the Slack will be shut down soon, this isn’t an option for you.

  3. I clone every cloneable app, and drill down to every component see how features work.

  4. Many Adalo users also have YouTube channels where they post how-to videos. You don’t have to limit yourself to tutorials made by the Adalo team. Just go to YouTube and search for “Adalo”.

Notifications, following, automating emails, inserting a Google map, verifying an email address, ensuring a confirm password field isn’t blank, sending a one-time passcode, changing the visibility of a component, etc etc etc are all things I’ve learned along the way. I’m excited to say that I’ve mastered much of what is needed for my particular use case, except for APIs. I suck at APIs. But I am continuing to learn.

Good luck to you! The Adalo experts are a huge help, so I also recommend you post any help requests here, once you have searched the forum thoroughly and feel confident your concern hasn’t been addressed previously. Please do not create a ticket with Adalo Support unless you have a live native app with paying customers, and you are on the Business Plan ($200/mo). Let’s make sure power users get the help they need and that Adalo can help them first- power users enable the Adalo team to build for the masses.

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I learned using the Tutorials on Makerpad - they really helped me out a lot.


Hi all,

Great advices!

I wonder why nobody mentioned :slight_smile: When I started to learn Adalo, this was the first resource I’ve read from the beginning to the end, and watched all videos there.

Also, some comment reg. @tdhi’s phrase

with all my respect, I would disagree with this. Adalo Team provides support according to their statement of support
“We work our hardest to support all our makers, however, any customers on our paying plans will receive preferred support within our ticket queue.”

So support is not limited to business paying customers - if someone finds a bug, or have an issue, he/she can submit a ticket and receive help.

Of course, different support requests may have different priorities. And it is not a great idea to file support ticket for some question like “how do I build a chat app” :slight_smile: . Forum can provide a great help, as @tdhi has mentioned, and is worth reading!

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


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