PayMent Process Infrastructure for auto renew subscription

Hello Adalo Community,
I am looking to get expert advise on setting up payment infrastructure for my app.
I am planning to launch with free trial with option of monthly and yearly subscription. I might also want to provide promo codes for discounts.
What are my options using stripe, paypal etc.?
Do I need IAPHUB?

Really appreciate guidance.


Hi @Gunjan,

Would be happy to give you some guidance.
You must use the Google/Apple in-app purchase system if you’re planning to sell digital products in your app (such as a subscription), otherwise your app will be rejected. IAPHUB is using the Google/Apple in-app purchase system.

You should only use Stripe/Paypal if you’re selling physical products in your app (like clothes for example). Please note theses restrictions only applies to an iOS/Android app, you can use Stripe/Paypal in a web app.

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Hello iaphub,
Thanks for guidance. Yes my app is ios/andriod app and business model is subscription based(monthly, yearly), with free trial period and possible discounts with promo codes. So based on what you shared I can’t use stripe or paypal as they are accepted for physical goods only, which means have to go with apple/google 15% commissions.
Flow seems like → IAPHUB+adalo+app store payment, is that correct?

When you say web-app, are you referring to external payment(handled by stripe or paypal) through website before app download? Does that work for In-App purchases?


Yes, you’re correct.

In-app purchases does not work on web, you’ll have to use a payment method such as Stripe or Paypal.

Thanks! Can the subscription auto-renew be set-up with IAPHUB+adalo+app store, flow?
Read some discussions about IAP subscription auto-renew component not being available yet, hence would like to clarify.

It wasn’t possible previously you’re right but it is now possible (to sell auto-renewable subscriptions) with the IAPHUB integration on Adalo (Adalo + IAPHUB).

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