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Hello there, im a new user of adalo and i need a help. I want to build app that would allow me to open, view and download pdf files, my pdf files are saved in google drive. I have already created a screen like this in my app.

And the second screen after clicking one of the items in previous screen to look like this.

Now this is where im stuck , i want to create a new screen that looks like the following screen after clicking one of the items in the previous screen. To have a preview screen that shows thumbnails or images of the pdf files i want to open in the next screen. Here is two previews of two pdf files

And finally i want a last screen like this that opens the pdf file after clicking one of the pdf previews in the previous screen. With a download click.

I will greatly appreciate you help. document viewer

For preview in list just reference the pdf url in image component.

Thanks for you quick response but i dont understands what you saying because im a new user of adalo, can you please expalin in more details please.

OK something like this…

  1. Create external collection connecting to Google Drive API.
  2. Make your List and detail screens based on that external collection.
  3. On the detail screen I recommend Document Viewer component, you can also use Webview component but it has limitations.
  4. For links, make your link External, and it will open or download the PDF according to device.

*I am not advocating that this will work out the box, I don’t know what the Drive API permissions or auth requirements are.

The PDF image preview works with files stored in Adalo cloud, I am not sure if Google Drive provides an image URL for preview purposes.

Thanks for the reply, i will try to do the way you explained. If i succeed or fail i will let you know .

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