Peer to peer marketplace identical to app and web app

Hello i’m looking to build a peer to peer marketplace identical to

Running into additional database structure issues. Need to figure out

I have design files for the enitre project just need to develop in Adalo

looking to create one app that house UI for the Tool owner (host) customer who rents the products from the host.

(my UI is exactly like the turo peer to peer car rental app for reference)

-create backend (database structure) that supports both the Host and Customer on the same app

-create payment module to take multiple line items in invoice

-create calendar system that syncs with availability of each tool and can also gives host the option to delist the item for the amount of time they need it to be unavailable

  • also having a issue creating the tool search module that filter through a multi level category system

for reference :

Parent category

Root Category

sub category


(parent category)
Musical Instruments

(root category)

(sub category)
electric guitar

if anyone can assist please let know

Hi @gearmobile,

You need a screen to link the host user and the custom user for the correct screen. You can watch this video made by Victor : Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens. UPDATE in the description - YouTube And this Docs will help you too! : How to Create Multi-Sided Apps - Adalo Resources

You can use Stripe : Stripe - Adalo Resources

You need another collection to store the availability times for the tools.

Replied here for this in your first topic : Database structure question - #2 by dilon_perera

Thank you