Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app

Can you build an app like Venmo on Adalo?


  • Collect pool fees
  • Safeguard funds until specified time
  • Authorize payouts based on parameters being met
  • Withdraw funds

My understanding is that it might be possible, but not directly within Adalo at this time. It would likely require the use of Custom Components and it will require a good understanding of external APIs, databases and relationships, as well as using some advanced conditional actions and/or visibility rules. How would I set this up correctly?

Appreciate your feedback!

Hi @LumberJake ,

If only just numbers instead of money, this is certainly possible, because it is unregulated and little value to data security.

You will be playing with many boolean and date fields to simulate the workflow and expiration.

Single expression visibility and conditional can be extended when we plan ahead what we are checking, so we add more fields to help us.

Connecting to external services will be required after exhausting all options in internal Adalo functions.

This kind of app will be game changer when applied to certain community, they have their own world until they need to connect to other worlds. They contain all their needs as much as they can.

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