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Hello, I just discovered Adalo and it looks amazing. Is it possible to make a crowdfunding style app (like kickstarter or gofundme) in Adalo? Biggest challenge in my opinion will be to allow fundraiser campaign managers (admins) to create and modify their own campaign pages. Is this possible? Would love some insight and suggestions from the experts here. Thank you, have a wonderful day!

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welcome please note that anything is possible with adalo just got to put the work in

Thank you. Yes I love putting in the work! But before diving deep in it would be great to get some feedback from the experts about potential limitations and workarounds.

The problem i think you will face is when it comes to transfering the money from one user to another

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Great point. I saw that Adalo uses Stripe which allows for marketplace style accounts and transfers so I was hoping this same style of transaction can be implemented. Also this raises the question if Stripe will allow commissions (service fee) to the deducted by the platform which last time I checked they did offer this out of the box.

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100% possible. I’m in the process of creating one for a client. You’ve got it exactly right, using Stripe marketplace.

Adalo has a tutorial for it here: Allow Merchants to Connect their Stripe Account to your App - Adalo Resources

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Thank you for confirming and sending the link to the stripe integration. Also, were you able to find any existing Adalo templates or resources for building a crowdfunding style platform that is helpful and you can link here? Thanks again

I’m going to make a template for a “Crowdfunding” style app next week and I will have it listed on the Templar Design Marketplace when it’s ready!


Sounds fantastic. I’ll check back next week or please post here after it’s active.

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