Perform a check prior to an action

Hello Adalo forum.

It’s always awesome to see an active community of a cool product so kudos to all of you! :slight_smile:

I am trying to built a dating app :heart: with Adalo. I believe I have figured out the majority of the functionalities except the marching mechanism.
I’m currently using the Deck Swiper component from the marketplace where the idea is to record the right swipes of the user. My thinking is - I perform a check before on any right swipe. If there is a mirrored record where the swipee has swiped right on the swiper - it’s a match. If not - I just add a record.

So far I have 2 collections - users and log with a relationship between them.
I am recording the right swipe but I’m having trouble performing a check beforehand if the swipee has swiped right on the swiper.

If there is a smarter way of doing this - I’m all ears!.

Thank you in advance!

You can go into the swipe and change what it does in left or right side.

You may also do if current user swiped right they get to chat with the user, its like you follow that user by it by swiping, and make that messages of the current user is for user who gets right swipe.

For follow and un-follow there are tutorials out there, they can explain better than me!

Hi @B0untiful_26.
Thanks for the input!
The idea is that I want the chat functionality to be available only when both users have swiped right. Otherwise all users will be able to talk to everyone else :confused:

I don’t think its possible. I may but here is a trick, make action for swipe right is that when user swipes right its updates and make him follow current post user, and make message chat only for “Logged In user>Following”

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