Performance optimization checklist

Hi - I know Adalo is working on performance improvements but I was wondering what I could do in the meantime. These are the 2 things I’ve gathered from combing the forums but I’d appreciate any advice people have!

  1. Show all images via URL and autocompresss
  2. Host all collections on Airtable

Hi! This would mean that we no longer have relationships between components in the database. Which is quite difficult for a complex application.

I know :frowning: I’m really struggling with how long it’s taking to load my lists. They are image heavy so beyond compressing them, i’m not sure what to do

I spoke with an expert who will work for me and he said that he can raise the performance of my application (i have relationships in database) by different methods. He did not give me more details. So there are ways to scale performance just because we don’t know them.

Alex, any joy? Please keep us updated.