Perpetually cascading lists for filters?

I have been mucking about with Adalo on and off for several months and watched many tutorials. Quiet a wonderful tool it is. I have an issue however that has been reoccurring and I am quite sure it is because I am doing something wrong but until I learn what I am lost.

When trying to create a filter for fx a button or a list, I sometimes end up with a cascading list of selections that seem to go on forever… as though It’s in a loop. Michael Ionita has pointed out in one of his very helpful videos that it helps to read the selection menus backward to put a perspective on what you are selecting/ sorting for. That’s great but sometimes Adalo just doesn’t seem to “see” What I believe it should be seeing. When adding a filter for a list for example it seems to be limiting the “primary” filter choices to fx. logged-in user and not the current user or current post or whatever… Attached is a picture…

Any ideas that can give me a better understanding of either the data structure or selection process so I can avoid this in the future - it happens to me regularly and then I struggle to find a workaround.

Thank you all for your time and thoughts in advance,

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