Persistent left Screen

Has anybody else had issues with the miscellaneous persistent left screen.on previewing it. The resolution is off the grid.Too big to be precise.
Please have a look

Can you please provide a screenshot or video of what the issue is that you are experiencing?

Actual Screen in workflow platform

screen after preview

Hey Jeorge,

It looks to me like a layering issue. Your left navigation bar on the right is positioned above the payments screen on the right.

When clicking on the whole screen, you will see a list of all of the pages components. You can drag these components to change their order. Make sure the shape and text you have on the page are positioned above the grey sidebar

It also looks like your sidebar isn’t grouped with the navigation options (Payments, Maintenance, Inbox etc). Grouping components is a great way to keep your layers in order. Simply hold shift while clicking on multiple components and on the left Adalo bar, you will see the option to group the selected items.