Personalized recommendations!

hello everyone! can anybody help me with setting recommendation algorithm please?
what I need: each user fill in information about his job position, interests, country, spoken languages etc. The app has a community where I want to recommend to a user other users that have similar background and I want to range it according to percentage of matching. and it also would be cool if it has percentage number as well ( ex: you have a 88% match)
also it would be great if there is a way to give to a certain data (ex: job position) priority. for example:
importance of matching job position — 10, interests — 8 etc, it will make recommendations more accurate.

thank you in advance for you help!

Hi @Helenakin ,

I would probably go with tags and its score.

You can have category of tags too, to differentiate the weight of scoring.

So every input fields that determine the recommendation need to be tagged and the score can be higher if the tag is important such as spoken language.

Hi! thanks for your answer! I’m really stuck with it… can you please elaborate on how database is set and where the score is calculated

thanks in advance for your time!

Maybe there are some kind of integration that allows such sorting?

@Helenakin ,

Before designing database, I need to see your spreadsheet first, how you manage to record and track these recommendations.

Some example stories could help.

After confirming the definition, output wanted and formula, we then can begin to design.

If I get you right:
each user has following criteria:

and I want to match them if they have high score number. it can be displayed in a list (from high score to low)

I sent you request to access.

done! check it now please

I get your access, and reviewing.

Are there any example matches that you already have ?

With those criteria and examples, you can define them to be x% match, and if some of the criteria changes, your match would be changed to y%.

If you have, it would be useful to reverse logic to get the process.

hi! I’ve updated the document to show an example

@Helenakin ,

Take a look at this cloneable app,

You can play around first and fill the combination of data.

Essentially, this is matrix that needs pre connections, so it can easily getting complex if we add more criteria.

I have created based on my assumptions, as at the first time I don’t see examples.

First of all — thank you so much for your help, time and kindness!!
You are very cool!
I got the most part, but still a little bit confused — I can’t understand when we add the highest score to the user collection and can’t understand how we set a score for each vacancy when we create User Vacancies.

thanks a lot for you answer!

I lookup matching algorithm, it needs connection from left to right and need to have higher number to be preferred.

Certainly this is only just beginning, but you can optimize further along the way.

User Vacancy are accumulation of Vacancy and Language, Education, they are needed so we can get sorted list.

I’ve tried all options but still can’t understand how I set Language/education score when I create current vacancy. In your app it work perfect, but I can’t see where and how you set it.

Language score is a matrix, you can have both ways the same or different, for example English to Spanish score can be the same or different than Spanish to English.

You can take screenshot what you don’t know, we can learn together, as this has some potential.

I’ve copied all the databases and all the logic as it is in your app. (I have courses instead of vacancy and interest instead of the language, the rest is pretty the same)
Also I have collection with score for each pair of intersects.
When I create User courses Interest score is not displayed in the Users Courses collection (as you can see on the screenshot) so I can’t sort it later :((

Check the action on countdown in the interest list. It may need rewire, delete and put the same thing.

For highest score interest in automatic field in form, it is the same as update.

For create user course, it is meant to have blank score at first, it is created so it can be used in a list.

I have only two countdowns — 1) one that delete current user vacancy (in the list of users courses) 2) that creates user vacancy (in the list of all courses)

Well, not at that screen, but at list screen.

I just remember, how about interest score collection, do you have score there ?

I’m sorry I so slow… can you please make a screen of the list screen with countdown?
Yes, I have such collection