Phone Numbers, Addresses, Socials

Besides the new one piece Adalo format for phone numbers and such, is there any other way to format these? I am doing a full profile sign up and I need phone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers, Adalo really needs this function inside the collections. Since it does not does anyone have recommendations how to get this in a form but formatted in what i need?

What have you tried so far?

I have tried to formulas and the new formatted form, but with formatted form I cannot have it inside a regular form.

Nocodemonkey’s multi-input Validator will do that with regex validations. You just need to look up all the regular expressions for each type of content you want to check, Works VERY well…

Hi @Carleena
We have set up this in one of our Adalo apps. If it helps, we can provide you this page as cloneable


That would be very helpful

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