Form validation for email and contact number

I’d like to know is there any way to validate the phone number and email while sign up. Currently if I give 20 digit contact number also it is accepting.

Hey @Anilspr888 this is another area where we’re currently doing some work. We just released required fields on forms about a week ago, and soon we’re going to be adding more types of validations like these you’re mentioning!


Thanks @jeremy. I appreciate whole Adalo team for working hard to get the planned things get done and again when we could expect this changes because these are basic requirements.

Hi y’all! I’m just confirming that this is hasn’t been released yet: the ability to validate user-inputted email addresses before returning confirmation to the user.

This is the most current communication I see regarding this feature:

Do you know of any Adalo-supported external APIs that give this ability?

According to resources it can be done with Zapier:

Q: Does Adalo support Email Verification?
A: Not directly, but this can be achieved through our Zapier integration.

Thank you for this. Even in the “Zapier Integration” page, Adalo doesn’t imply how to return an error when the user enters invalid data. It just talks about how the new record can create a trigger, or be triggered.

Any other thoughts?