Picker Wheel - spin the wheel to decide a random choice

Hi Adalo community I would like to know if it is possible to implement a Picker Wheel :ferris_wheel: that decide random choices(Using Adalo free components). I would like this wheel to work in a such a way that, if a user clicks on the “Spin” button in the center, the wheel must spin for at least 4-6 second before it randomly points on a specific choice.

I would like to have a wheel picker similar as the one in screenshot below.

I thank you in advance

Hi @Jintery ,

You can try to stack it with multiple layers and play with conditional visibility, but it won’t be smooth experience.

Is the number of options fixed ?

Having dynamic number of options will require lots of layers.

Hi @Yongki I would like to say thanks first.
Would you kindly help me know what component must I stack with multiple layers?
To your question if the options are fixed, I would say I would prefer them to be dynamic.

Here is the cloneable I can come up with,
Spinning Wheel (adalo.com)

This could help in your direction.

But as you are already aware, this is not the strong suit for Adalo use case.

Wow, this is amazing thanks a million for your help . It is real helpful.
Be blessed @Yongki

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Great, thanks.

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