Place Details API - How to reach the differents data?

Hello the Community!

I am face to a problem with the Google Place details API… I do not find the good way to reach the differents data obtained by one resquest and I am not able to integrate it in my adalo’s databases…

I try to integrate the differents élements associated to a place’s address.
For this exemple, I will use the Google exemple (use in the Place Details documentation - Place Details  |  Places API  |  Google Developers)

My html request:

(for my attempt with external collection - first key results=result and second key results=address_component)

This request returns this (json format):

“html_attributions”: ,
{ “long_name”: “48”, “short_name”: “48”, “types”: [“street_number”] },
“long_name”: “Pirrama Road”,
“short_name”: “Pirrama Rd”,
“types”: [“route”],
“long_name”: “Pyrmont”,
“short_name”: “Pyrmont”,
“types”: [“locality”, “political”],
“long_name”: “Council of the City of Sydney”,
“short_name”: “Sydney”,
“types”: [“administrative_area_level_2”, “political”],
“long_name”: “New South Wales”,
“short_name”: “NSW”,
“types”: [“administrative_area_level_1”, “political”],
“long_name”: “Australia”,
“short_name”: “AU”,
“types”: [“country”, “political”],
“long_name”: “2009”,
“short_name”: “2009”,
“types”: [“postal_code”],

Ok, I am good, but after that I am not able to access to this différents data, however, I do not see the way to access to it…

I would like to integrate it in a collection with the place ID,the short name of the data type route, the short name of the data type locality, the short name of the data type postal_code, and so on…

I can see all of these datas when I display it in a list of the external collection created but it is not my goal… can we reach the differents data in google place details?

Someone already has this issue? Someone found a way to do that?
My problem is understandable?

Thank in advance for your help!

Nobody for this one?
If it is not understandable, I can try to reformulate…

I know I can be understandable after 3 hours of unsuccessful searches… :wink:
Let me know! :slight_smile:

Let me try to help here.
I am right now trying to create an External Collection using Google Places API. In my case, I am using “Find Place” and not “Place Details”.
When creating the External Collection, I created a Query Param with name “fields” and those attributes I want from Places: “place_id,name,formatted_address,photo”.
So my Query Param is now like this:

By doing it, I have now all the returned values as attributes to be used along the app:
Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 16.41.43
The screenshot shows more attributes than my Places query requested because the “photo” field brought all the “photos > something”.

I hope it helps.
Take care!