Map Component with an External Collection?

Is using columns from an External Collection (e.g. firstName and locale) for the Map’s marker addresses supported? I have this working with an Adalo collection using data of the same format. Adalo allows you to set up the Map with an External Collection but I haven’t gotten this to work.

Thanks in Advance

Answering my own question: yes. You can get the marker information from an external collection, however all records need to be valid or the map won’t display. I believe I recall seeing this also reported in another topic.

Hi @dongahgan, what do you mean by “valid” ? I’m struggling on this topic, my map doesn’t display the markers.
Thanks !

Hi Jerome,

By valid, I mean that every record for which you want to display a marker needs to have all the data that the markers display needs. I my case I had a set of records with city, state, country information. For few a locations the result of the Google API call was empty resulting in, for example, the city being missing for a few records. If this happens none of the markers will show.

Start by getting 1 or 2 markers to show. Then try to get more to show at once.

Also, see my response here: Anybody used maps? - #29 by dongahgan

Hi @dongahgan, thanks for your message.
I checked my data, all if fine and complete but I didn’t make it work with an external collection.
(However It works with same data in a local collection).
I even displayed the external collection temporarily on the app screen just to check, all is ok.
The Google Chrome console returns an error but it refers to a index.js Javascript file (of the map component ?) which I don’t know.
Thanks anyway