Placement of Bottom Nav not Working


I’m having problems with the placement of the bottom nav component on my iPhone.

In the preview on desktop, it looks correct. On iPhone it is too high up and not at the bottom of the screen.
In the editor I even made it pushed way down off the visible area thinking it would go down because I had to do something similar for the app bar at the top on other screens.

I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that 2 of the cards on the page alternate visibility as I implemented a collapse/expand feature using visibility.

Please help.

iPhone screenshot:

editor and preview on desktop:

Hello, is the bottom navigation issue happening in other screens also or only in that screen mentioned above?

Thank you!

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Hey @Ali-Bazzi

It’s just happening on that one screen. I can’t seem to figure out what is different about this one…any ideas? Thanks!

Please try to create a blank screen and copy all the components of the old screen to the new one.

Thank you!

Hey sorry for the delay. Thanks for the help, I ended up having to recreate that component from scratch. I was able to use the existing screen though. Seems like there are issues when copy pasting.