Play sound bite when pushing button

HI guys, newbie needs help

I am creating a mobile app in which a small sound bite should be played when pushing a button. There will be 1 small audio file for each button.

I tried to make a collection to upload the audio files through but it only allows picture files to be uploaded.

I then installed the audio player from the marketplace but I cant get rid of the play button and the time, and it is also not possible to push the ‘song title’ to get the audio file to play.

Finally I put a button on top of the audio player, as I hoped I could push the button and then trigger the audio player underneath. But the button is blocking the audio player.

Hope you understand what I am talking about and that you have some ideas on how to solve my issue.


Not a single suggestion on how to fix this problem??


I think the way you want is not possible, but if you use an alternative like “modal”, then you can autoplay the file. Let me explain.

  1. Take a button
  2. Add click action to a new screen (transition modal)
  3. On the Modal screen use an audio player, configure it in a way so the user can not able to see it (in short invisible)
  4. Enable the autoplay function
  5. Use a countdown timer and set it to 3 or 5 seconds (it depends on you).
  6. Once the countdown ends, add an action that redirects the user to the screen where you want.

Hope this help.


That was extremely helful - thank you very much @ishantanusrivastava!

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