Sound autoplay on IOS

Hello guys,

I’ve built a quiz app with a sound feature. When user clicks an answer, it opens modal with info if answer is correct and plays sound. I’ve used sound player extension, turned autoplay and made it invisible :slight_smile:

On web it works great → each time modal opens → it plays sound. However it doesn’t work on IOS.
It works only for the first click when sound actually plays → than it stops and it is not playing at all.

Do you know what might be cause this problem.

Hi @gskrypka,

I’ve noticed that with Audio Player update, it correctly autoplays the song from the beginning, but only another one. I’m talking about the setting when user leave the screen → playing stops. E.g. if you open the player, play the song, leave the screen in the middle, and then return to this screen - player will continue to play from where you left.
May be this is the reason your sound doesn’t play - you need to switch songs somehow :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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I’ve tried with a list but it is working too slow. The feedback is too late :frowning:

Hi @gskrypka,

Try to put another audioplayer with autoplay on the screen before the question screen (with some 1-sec sound, could be silent).


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