Please Give me a refund from Adalo

My bank account was debited $50 Date: 30th April 2021 for the payment of Adalo Platform. I do not plan on using the Adalo platform any longer as I am done using it for my works

Please Give me a refund from Adalo…

Hi Abhijeet

Adalo doesn’t issue refunds. You can cancel your plan through your account and you won’t be charged in the future. If you have further issues, you should contact the Adalo team directly. This forum isn’t the correct place for this kind of support/question.


Hi Erik, Thanks I have Already Changed Plan Please Help me for this refund

Hello, as @Erik said you could submit a ticket or contact Adalo directly they will help you, as in the form it is just helping with apps, and help people who are confused with stuff, and most users here aren’t admins of adalo so its best to message them directly!

Hi @Abhijeet,

Just for the reference - you can submit support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket


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