Please help with due date/time

I need help setting a due date with specific time.

When someone checks something out from my library, a due date is set and added to the LibraryRecords collection. Borrowed items must be returned by 6 PM on the due date.

My problem is how to identify when something is late.

First, I tried using a simple date field for the due date. Then I created a list showing anything with a due date before start of today.

But I discovered that, when you just use a date field, it always returns date without time, so “start of today” doesn’t actually mean anything.

Then I tried using a date/time field. The problem here is that whenever I choose a date in a date/time field, the time always defaults to 00:00. I have to change the time component every time I set a due date. I need to make the “6 PM” a default.

How do I set this up so that “in 2 days” always means “in 2 days at 6 PM”, or “on July 14” always means “on July 14 at 6 PM”?

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Hi @MikesClub,

I’m guessing what you need is this :


Formula : 2 days from now ( according to what you need ) + 0.75000006 or 2 days from now ( according to what you need ) + (18*0.04166667)

Found details from this post posted by Patrick! :

Not a expert with dates :slightly_smiling_face: Hope I’m correct!

Maybe others can add information here? :raised_hands:

Thank you

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Does anyone already have the solution for custom start and end date control?

needed for use in contract management.

Hi @Rios,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

What you need to do? Can you give us some more information with a example?

Thank you

I need to know the deadline of a contract.
Example: the contract starts on 06/25/2022
lasts for 30 months

What I need to know is, what is the end date? xxxx

thanks @dilon_perera

You need two Date Properties. One for Start Date and End Date. And on your create contract action you can add start date to the end date and add +30 or to be dynamic you can add a input and add that instead of 30. You can do the same thing with forms too!

Check this video! : end date add value.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi, I need to add months.
Today’s date 7/4/2022 and the end date 30 months later

The resulting date is 1/4/2025 - Saturday, January 4, 2025

I think you need to add 912.501.



Hi, I was testing this idea of ​​yours, if it is with a defined date for all cases it works, but I need it with several amounts of months (the choice of the amount of month is free)
I can choose 12 months, 15 months, 16 months, 20 months, 25 months, 30 months…
the customer who will put in the input field the number of months he wants to know the final date.

the problem that the months have different days.
Has month of 28 days, 29 days, 30 days, 31 days

would have to get by dates and not by number of days

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