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Does anyone in this forum know why the hell the Plyr video component does not appear once you copy or download the Apk?

It works fine from the browser view, but only there… ADALO’s grace is to create applications not web pages, it does not work for me that it appears only in the web browser. my application is based on playing a video automatically without buttons, or anything that can affect the visibility of the video.

Sometimes I think I’m wasting my money with this and I mean not only because of the component but because of many things that don’t work well and ADALO doesn’t fix them and if it does they take 2 years to fix it, but to change the structure of utilities and the packages there they do it fast.

I honestly can’t believe that ADALO customers have to depend on a third party to use such a basic video component, can’t ADALO create one for us?

I attached a link of how the player should work.

I have been using PLYR component for 18 months now. Works perfectly on iOS and Android devices. We had thousands of users use this, what exactly is the issue you are facing? Please share more details and screen records so we can provide tips/suggestions.

FYI, PLYR works better than any other video component out there. I tried them all …

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The component works well in the Web APP version and in the Previw it shows well as you can see below…

In these images you can see its correct operation

In this image below you can see a window with only the component without any type of modification, that is, it is only there as it comes from the factory.

But once I download the APK to upload it to the Play Store, this component does not appear anywhere and it even closes the application and I already verified that it is because of it.

This is what it looks like when I download the APK:

And then you can see the hidden window that I created to see the component without any type of modification and it doesn’t even appear…

This application is to be seen on a tablet, not on cell phones!
How is it possible that the component appears to you and not to me?

It is also important to mention that I have downloaded the apk a thousand times to test different theories and none of them have worked, it just doesn’t appear!

Please don’t tell me to contact the developer because they don’t answer and I imagined it, but they asked me to contact them anyway…

Hello @SelvinWalker,

Thanks for sharing all the details, it is indeed strange that this crashes on your Android builds.
However, jut by visiting your website (displayed in 1st screenshot URL), I can already see that the way you’ve built that homepage is not very optimized and can definitely be improved. I checked the network statistics and can tell there is A TON of data loading all at once (>50 MB) - which would cause any device to crash in the future.

I am happy to get on a Zoom call (for free) and have a look at your Adalo builder for that homepage screen to see what can be improved - the issue might not be in the PLYR component in itself vs having the end user device load a ton of data all at once, causing it to crash (which I have witnessed in other apps previously).

I have built several apps before with >15,000 users and they are running flawlessly (with many Adalo components, custom component, PLYR included, and many others).

Drop me a private message if you would like to do that Zoom call.

On a separate note, I have contacted Gherman Sergey from mintflow previously (develope of PLYR component) with questions regarding this component. He always replied back to be honest, and gave me tips on how to fix the issues I was having.

Try reaching out to him again, he surely will answer at some point

Hi Mohammed, thanks for giving him this follow up!

Your data overload theory can, but where does it leave the window where only it left the default video component as shown in the image above? In that window there is only the component and even so it does not appear once I download it in apk. that’s why I don’t understand… then the problem is not the component but ADALO.

Mohammed of course I would like to zoom but how do we do it because I don’t speak English :frowning:

If you want I can make you a member of the team by sending me your email so you can see.

(You have Gherman Sergey’s email because it gave me this

Awesome, sounds good. Just dropped you a private message with my email to add to your team.

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