Plyr poster images

Hi there, I’ve implemented the plyr video component to play videos that the user records and uploads on their phone. although I can link the ‘saved file’ URL as the video source, I’m unsure how to link a poster image from a recording (as it seems to only record an .mp4 file).

Is there a tricky URL thing you’ve got that can either extract the poster from the .mp4 (a thumbnail from the middle of the video timecode for example) or is there an image saved within the encoded video file that is accessible via URL.

The reason I’m aiming to do this is that all the videos show up as black (empty) until they click the play button which doesn’t give the user a visual clue as to what they are clicking on (unless it’s named).

Thanks for your help.

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There isn’t currently any way to retrieve a thumbnail as described above, automatically. The best you can do right now is that you can ask the user to upload an image to associate to that video and then use the magic text option to use that image for that video.

Alternatively, you could look in to some 3rd party API service that may provide this method and then setup a more complicated flow with custom actions to make use of that.


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