How to allow users to post w/ Video component + Photo resizing help

Hey there I am playing around with the Plyr Video component and have trouble. I have the file picker as the input for the source but its only allowing me to choose between “url” “filename” and “size”. I know adalo has yet to roll out a tutorial for all of these components.

Has anyone gotten this to work successfully and have a short step by step for me to use? I am creating a social network so this is really important.

Also I saw that there are adalo made apps that let you have “instagram” style photo posts. I am stuck with cropped photos or the photo having wonky black bars. Any tips are appreciated.

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Hey @jencass97. In order for the video player to work, you must store the file to a collection. Then with the player, you will need to set the source to be that file’s “url”.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean about the cropped photos and wonky black bars. Perhaps you could show some screenshots?


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