Plyr video component

I am really disappointed with this.I am in a fix that how to use plyr video component and how to add a video link. I have asked many times on youtube, social media plate forms of adalo but I have not recieve a single responce. so, please can somebody help me in this case.

Hi @sunnysir,

I’m not sure about the other areas you posted but I do see this is your first post on the forum.

Without further info on the problem itself I cannot help you further. Please post as much info on the problem, with examples of how you have set it up in the builder as well as a link to your app so that I may test.

his error must be the same as mine, I’m not able to put the link to my video on plyr, only his demo link works, look at the video

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It’s working fine for me… :thinking:

can you show me how you do?


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it works because you uploaded it in adalo, I don’t want to send it in adalo, I want to link to another site .mp4

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Can you describe it briefly.

Try this as the solution:

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did not work, you could show me?

My solution is for Vimeo / YouTube - I think it’s best to use a video host.
Where are you hosting the mp4 video?

Hello sir,
I think it will be best. If you record a full flash video( including saving link in database, applying it to video plyr etc.) and send to us. Please

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Adalo already has such great tutorial resources like here:

I used the videos here to work it out :slight_smile:

I am asking for plyr video component in adalo

the tutorial you sent has the Web View element, I wanted the plyr video
wanted to see a video with a link in the database and not upload it

Well how about the videos posted above?

@jevilson - This shows Magic Text from the database:

This shows direct URL:

@sunnysir- Maybe it’s better explain exactly the steps you’ve taken so far and post screens or a video of where you are at?

the video above he sent the file to the adalo, I want the url to Embed

my video shows that only the demo video works, my url goes without starting

What is the url to the mp4 you are trying to play in Adalo?

As already stated. Unless the .mp4 extension is exposed by the URL, this link will not work. That means for most common video sites such as youtube and vimeo, linking directly like that will not work in this component. This is due to the nature of how vimeo and youtube protect their videos.