What is the best way to add videos in my app when they are stored on WeVideo?

I’m trying to get videos to play on Adalo without having them stored on YouTube. Can anyone tell me where I can find instructions on how to do this? Or have a simple way to tell me?

Does the Plyr only work with certain URL’s? I can’t get it to work with my link from WeVideo which is where all my videos are stored and where I can embed and link to other webpages, Thinkific, etc.

This is likely due to the files access permissions on WeVideo. I made a video of overcoming this problem with Amazon S3.

I’m not familiar with WeVideo but I imagine they might have similar settings that you can change on your account.

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Thanks Nathan. I did watch your video and found it helpful if I used S3 but would prefer not to move all my videos to another service if I don’t have to. I’ll check into the settings on WeVideo and see if I can see anything there that would prevent them playing on plyr.

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