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Hi, I’m developing an app using Adalo. I need your support to solve this question. In the app, the users get points by completing the steps in the app. I created a ‘User’ database and added a property called ‘points’.
For example when a user signup into the app, he gets 5 points. Likewise, the points have to be updated and finally, he can get the total points. Is there any way/method in Adalo, to give an action to the signup button, to add 5 points when the user signup? And how to link it to the points database?
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Hello, can you please provide more information about it?

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Sure, Imagine I’m a user of the app. When I click a button(signup), it adds 5 points to me. Likewise, I can collect more points by doing small steps in the app. Here if we give action to the signup button like when a person signup they can get 5 points. So the points are calculated by doing small steps. Then the user can get points like this. So is there any specific way to calculate the total points and add them to the points database?

  1. Using a separate “Points Earned” database table: This approach involves creating a separate table to track all the points earned by users. Each time a user earns points, a new record is created in the “Points Earned” table, including information such as what the points were earned for, who earned them, and how many points were earned. To calculate a user’s total points, you can sum up all the points earned records associated with that user. This approach provides more flexibility and allows for more detailed tracking and reporting of points, but it requires more setup and maintenance.
  2. Using a simple points total field in the user database: This approach involves adding a single field to the user database to store the total number of points earned by each user. Each time a user earns points, you can update their points total by adding the number of points earned to their current total. This approach is simpler and faster to implement, but it may not provide enough flexibility or detail for more complex use cases.

Thank you for the clear explanation. I will work on it. Thank you

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