Rewards program for users on Adalo platform

Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to create a loyalty program for customers on Adalo, where the user’s point balance is updated with a purchase is made or when it is redeemed?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @sop001 - this can easily be achieved in Adalo. This is an App I created for a Sports club with 250 members - the idea was to improve engagement, especially for the kids… when they register for events, trainings, purchase from the shop, volunteer to help, carry out certain tasks they can win badges and points which unlock levels. Some are “Auto Achieved” and some are “Manually Applied” by coaches based on performance or tests on a training night, successful repetitions of a certain technique etc. Works very well - and is very well received :slight_smile: More than happy to help should you need some advice. Some screenshots below :slight_smile:

The App itself is multi-sided, Parents, Coaches, Kids, and Physical Trainers all with different viewing rights. All club management is carried out via the app, so in short, Adalo MANY things are possible :slight_smile:


Hey @iAppsNi thank you so much for your reply! I could use some advice, please!!

I tried it out on myself for a few days but confused myself when I was trying to figure out the relationship between groups, and ended up with endless loops. Could you please advise me where to start and how to keep it?

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