Polyline on a map between two markers

How do I draw a polyline on a map between two marker addresses?

Don’t think this is possible in the Maps component. I would look at Google Maps API for static images, or other 3rd party APIs

Hello, as @Rozza has mentioned, in the map component you can display the markers and change its design but if you’d like to add a polyline or other feature, you can do it through 3d party or Google maps API.

Thank you!

Hello , Thank you for your replies, i’m learning with you.
Now, as @Rozza has mentionned, i tried the Google maps static API, but the problem is that the response from the API is just an image and not a JSON object so i couldn’t acees the data directly from adalo.

Thanks in advance.

That’s how I imagined it would work. Google API returning an image.

You may need a 3rd party like make.com so that you don’t generally expose your api key.

It likely won’t be quick. Can you do it once, then save the image as base64 in a text field?

As with anything there are many ways to achieve the same outcome. I have started you in the right path, I can’t tell you step by step your perfect solution on the forum.

Thank you :smiling_face:

No worries, you can then use an API other than Google maps to get the data and achieve the feature that you’d like to implement.

Thank you!

Hey @chafi9,

I did this once using Make (multiple points so had to use Adalo Collections API to get the route):


Then there are 2 options:

  • you can store URL in Adalo collection, BUT you will have to spend Google API credits every time you view the map. Also for a webapp it is very easy to get your api key as @Rozza mentioned.
  • you store the image itself on some cloud storage, and store image URL in Adalo collection record.

An alternative to Google Maps is Mapbox (Static Images API | API Docs | Mapbox), but in my opinion their API is more complicated and you need to use encoded polylines to display the path.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you everybody for your replies :smiling_face:


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