Lines and markers on map

I wish to have users create a plan on a map using two or more waypoints, and have the map display straight lines between these waypoints. Each waypoint can should be editable either from the map or from form fields.

These plans will get stored for other users to see.

Is this possible? If so, how?


no this is not possible with the current maps component, if you really need it and have the budget, you should try on the Freelancers part of the forum to see if you someone can build a custom component for you

Actually yeah this should be possible - you don’t need to use the maps component- you can directly call the Google Maps Static API, passing the waypoints as parameters and it will plot them on a map and draw lines between them.

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Hello, I show you how I have it configured, I did this before the update of adalo of the map came out.

when the user places an order, he saved his dir, that the order reaches the admin and he had a button to see the route from the shop to the client.

The point of origin is the location or address of the shop and the other is dynamic with the magics text… so the two points and the blue line of the route remain on the map

You just have to start investigating because there is an option to mark as a route of many points

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