Pop-up message[Action Cannot Be Completed] is displayed

Pop-up [Action Cannot Be Completed] is displayed.
How can I resolve this popup message?

Hi @Tshimizu,

If this continues, I’d recommend submitting a support ticket.
Just in case - do yo have an access to Users Permissions Beta (a shield icon in the Users collection on the top right)?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor

I had submitted this issue yesterday.
My issue have been solved.

Best regards, Tshimizu


Hi, would you mind sharing the solution? Currently experiencing this. THx!

Hi @tbel,

Do you participate in Users Permissions beta?


Yup! Found out that I was one of those opted in :slight_smile: Thx much @Victor

@tbel then my hypothesis is that such “Action Cannot Be Completed” appears when the app tries to update the property of the user to which it doesn’t have an access.
I.e. if you have Current User somewhere and try to update a Full Name, and your access rights are set to default ones in the User Permissions (only record owner can change), you will get this result.

I’ve had this on my several projects… Permissions change helped.



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