Possible Bug? - Linking databases - Dropdown content not visible

Has anyone else had trouble linking 2 databases together? My app is for tv show recommendations. The Recommendation & Content databases are linked in a 1:Many relationship (eg. 1 tv show can have many recommendations). But when I try the drop down to actually link shows to the content database, the Content database names are invisible.

The length of the dropdown & the cursor shows that something is there. But when I click it’s all coming back as “Untitled”.

Any ideas?

Hey there @jordan

Your “search input” is the first field. That’s the field that displays on the dropdown in other collections.

You can rearrange the parameters on the collection so that a different one is in the first position.

Since all of your records’ “Search input” parameters are blank, that’s why you’re seeing the blank options for the dropdown.

So simply move that one down below the tmdb_id parameter on the collections and you’ll see the tmdb_id in the dropdown. Or set whichever one you want to the first position.


Thank you. That fixed it. I wouldn’t have known to search for that. And I really appreciate your generosity! :slight_smile: