Linked Collections are not displaying options anymore

Screenshots added for clarity.
I’m not able to view the records of a linked collection in one of my other collections.

i have an appointment collection. There are two related collections that are not displaying their records. “Assigned to” Collection, is linked to the “Users” collection.
“Attendees” Collection, is linked to the “Users” collection.

I have another sample app, and the user table is displaying properly in a linked collection.

I wonder if it’s something funky with my setup, or something on Adalo’s side.

Halp! and thanks!

Hi @nikosan - it does look like the database can see the appointments; there is something populating that list alright.

In Adalo, it uses the ‘top’ field as the one it shows you. I can see that for “Appointments” that is a date/time field. If you drag “Name” above “Appointment Date & Time” in the list on your collection, I think you’ll get the result you’re after:

For your query - “AssignedTo”, is the top field a text field?

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Thanks for the feedback @dosandco, much appreciated.

For the Appointments collection,

The first 4 fields in “Assigned To” are text fields. The screenshot demonstrates the issue I’m encountering, where the drop down menu is not rendering the results correctly. you can see that the second screenshot says “untitled” in the “Assigned To” value pill.

Curious your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

Thanks @dosandco It was the first column issue. I have first and last name as separate fields. So I created a text field called “Full Name” and have that as my first column.

The trick is to have the “Full Name” field written to on sign up and profile edit, combining the values of the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields. Thanks @Ben for the help on that.

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