Possible to do login-less checkout with Stripe integration?

So I have Stripe working for checkout with our Benefactor Program (yay - exciting) but the way it works now is you have to create an account and be logged in for it to pull the email address and pass that through to Stripe. Is there a way to not have this live behind a login wall?
This shows the issue I’m facing:

Ideally I could have a form field on that checkout screen for the email address that the sponsor could enter at runtime. Forcing them to create an account adds just enough friction where I believe it will kill our impulse buys not to mention the ability to deep link from social media right to the volunteer’s “sponsor me” page. We want them to be able to easily solicit a sponsor on their social media but it’s impossible if it’s behind a login wall… anyone have ideas for a way to capture the email field at checkout without forcing a login?

PS. Also @Ben are you guys having an issue with your CDN by chance? None of the images from collections are displaying but images from screens in the app itself are. Not sure if that helps diagnose what’s happening. See video above.

@Ben can we get a post-mortem on what the issue was/is that’s breaking all images from displaying in our app? It was crumby timing honestly as I gave our first demo to a company for our B2B benefactor program. I think we’ll still get the sale but it was a black eye to have all borked images while trying to show them the interface for sponsoring our eligible volunteers… Would like to know the culprit and the fix when you diagnose and address it. thanks

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@grid7 We’re very sorry about this and the bad timing for you. We recently released an ehancement to images on web apps to use an image optimization service to improve load time. We’d previously implemented this on mobile. Unforuntuately, there was an issue when released this for web, which we’ve since corrected.

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OK understood and good to know it was a one-time glitch in pursuit of improving the service vs. CDN instability or some other potentially ongoing degradation of service. Thanks for the clarification. We indeed closed the sale yesterday so it did not not negatively impact our sales effort. thanks

I finally resolved this BTW using visibility rules and substituting a signup form in place of the stripe component if the Logged In User’s email was blank. This loom vid shows the solution: https://www.loom.com/share/a3ef776c89c84dc28afa0f2f1e3251d4