Possible to have shareable link that non-logged in users would have access to?

Hi - loving Adalo so far. I’m trying to create a clone of doodle.com for easy group scheduling. Is it possible in Adalo to require the event host to create an account but for the guests to have access to a shareable link with suggested dates/times from the host for them the choose from but they wouldn’t need to create an account.

If this is a desktop web app, the organizer should be able to copy the url of their event screen and share it with others.

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What would help is if there a way to copy the URL with a button and share via a message.

You could give a code to the guest to access a certain page. For example use the random number generator to make an 8 digit code. This is saved to the event on database as an access code, and is also emailed to the guest. Then you have a list, filtered to “Text input” = “current event ->access code”. So when the guest types the access code (that they received by email) into the text input, the correct event will appear on the screen.

Hope that makes sense, maybe an idea to achieve what you need.


Oh that’s a cool trick but I am looking to share the app with friends.
Maybe something that opens native message app to send the google play link for my app.