Sharing a page URL - not redirected to login

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the desktop version of Adalo. I am creating both an app and desktop version for those who wish to use a computer. I was playing around and wanted to test that if someone shared a link after login, they are direct to the login screen.

I started a new incognito browser, and copied the link, and was able to access the page. Is this correct? If so, it would mean I would be unable to make a desktop version using Adalo, as I can’t have people sharing URLs to areas that I want only logged in users to see.

Yes this is a known issue with privacy in web app of sharing screens within apps. Logged in user data will not be visible but all other data will be. They mention this in their most recent townhall (recording is here) and also this is part of a request on the feedback site, here.


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