POST API 400 Error with Email field 400

If I rename a field “Email” in Users collection into other name, like “user_email”, POST method in API doesn’t work and send me 400 status error Bad Request. If I rename it back, post method work OK.

Why I can’t rename a field “Email” for API?

Hi @D1ver,

Users’ collection is kind of a “specific” one and such things could occur.

  • there are 4 built-in fields - Email, Password, Username and Full Name - which can’t be removed from it
  • the Email field is the only field which is internally checked for uniqueness when adding a new user (you shouldn’t be able to add another user with the same email)
  • Password is the built-in “password” type field and you can’t retrieve its contents
  • In the Sign-up and Login flows you can use only Email field (in theory you can try using Username field as well, but this part seems to be glitchy and unfinished).

So from my personal experience it’s not a good idea to rename any of these fields.

If you believe this is a bug you can submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket


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