Cannot log in or sign up

I building a whats app clone for me and my friends. i changed email field to user name and now nothing works.

the email is the primary key within the database of users. It shouldn’t really be messed with… as you have learnt. Have a username (display name) as a different column within the database. That way you will have no troubles

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so what do i do?

okay i changed the column and it worked so far. why cant i deleted or change the email column?

Now i can sign up but i cant log in after signing out

what article do I read for this? the problem keeps getting worse.

It is because the email is the unique value that identifies each user. If you remove this, then the system can really recognise who is who and what belongs to them.

Can you share some screen shots of the login page. ( the left side panel )

Hi @Gab129,

Here’s a great explanation by Victor for that Archer’s post :

When this issue solved and have more issues after this, we need more information! ( Screenshots, A Video, or maybe giving access to see your app)

Thank you

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