Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes progress

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice gives you the discipline to show up every day and try your best. :100:

Will it look good all the time? Probably not.

Like the first time that I attempted to build an app. You see, I’ve been a website designer since 2001 but didn’t venture into mobile apps until 2019. My first attempt to build an app was with Wordpress and AppPresser. Let me tell you that it was a nightmare.

It was ridiculously complicated to set up, expensive, very difficult to use, slower than a turtle, and the end result was an app that looked like it was built in the 1990s. But you know what? I kept at it. I kept an open mind and a positive attitude.

I kept practicing, studying, learning, and trying new things until I finally found Adalo. It was like overnight that I leveled up my app-building skills and was able to actually create an app that I was proud of.

Since then, everything became so much easier. I’m now able to build beautiful, fast, and user-friendly apps with Adalo with very little effort.

So don’t give up, my fellow app builders! The journey may be difficult at times, but it’s so worth it in the end. :rocket:

If you’re feeling frustrated with your app-building journey, just remember that practice makes progress, not perfect.


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