Slow progress with new features?

Is it just me, or does it take a very long time to finish new features the planned features? It seems to take at leas a year from planned to finished.
Maybe Adalo should hire some more developers to speed things up? Some of the features that is missing is pretty basic imo. Like Responsive Layout Constraints

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Yes totally agree, the responsive design should have been completed long ago, even here in this post

it is in Alpha testing for the feature and they mentioned that they are almost ready, that was in December last year :upside_down_face:

the only explanation that Adalo team dropped everything and only working on a new big feature that will change everything :star_struck: some leaks and teasers are there already

I hope that it will be something really useful and to be a huge improvement on all aspects, not just a specific item or integration or something else :crossed_fingers:

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Guys :exploding_head: :point_down:

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Wow! Nice timing :smiley: This looks good!

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subscription model is too high for Indian markets within those pay can get complete full stack development with placement, the software is awesome as… and quick absorbing and handy., just need to add some more add on, on customization for ui ux were are very few features in it. some of free keys where as in inhouse to stuck the market in it… hence if it would be worked and run on phone to or android support to develop the app then itll be like boom… buffin on mobile view lot of things in it
hence for more can reach out me. ill be glad to work upon this as per the student and trending mindsets and market towards the no code AI

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